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*Please note* These meshes have only been tested with the UDK-2013-07 version only. Versions below this or "possibly" above this may not display the meshes correctly. Please e-mail us if there are any other issues so we can fix them ASAP. Currently all files are "UPK files."

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Earth BC

Middle Island  


Sand Dunes

Another Planet 

   DOWNLOAD (6.99mb)   

DOWNLOAD (8.7mb)   

 DOWNLOAD (1.94mb) 

DOWNLOAD (1.6mb) 

DOWNLOAD (1.7mb)

Grassy rock

Four Islands  

Rocky Coast

Two Islands

Wild West Western

 DOWNLOAD (1.6mb)  

DOWNLOAD (13.2mb)  

  DOWNLOAD (16mb)   

DOWNLOAD (14.2mb)

DOWNLOAD (1.8mb)

Flat open grass

The Entrance   Swamp  

The Quarry  

DOWNLOAD (1.37)    DOWNLOAD (990kb)   DOWNLOAD (5.6mb)  

DOWNLOAD (1.9mb)  

DOWNLOAD (6.7mb)  

Big Island          
DOWNLOAD (19.2mb)        


These are "Terrain Meshes" so "no sounds" are assigned and are mainly for looks. Normally, terrain has "Static Meshes" attached to it with assigned sounds instead. The good news is you can assign a single  "Physical sound." to the terrain. Click HERE to learn how to do this. Take in consideration  though what the most common material will be that you are making contact with and match that sound. Water added to these terrain maps can have sounds assigned to them separately to the terrain as for they are independent meshes or brushes. Landscapes are the meshes that can have multiple sounds assigned to them. Click HERE to watch a video to get a basic idea on this. Click HERE for a text tutorial on landscapes thanks to polycount.com


Do you know a little bit about programming? Here is a link to add custom sounds to your meshes. Some C++ code or Unreal scripting background or experience is vital to understand this tutorial.    

Special thanks to the:

The Helios development team. (Click below.)



Try to use minimum materials to create your landscape . (Up to 4 materials are good.) Too many materials can cause graphic glitches.

Keep the map tessellation to a minimum. The higher the tessellation the more processing is required.

While creating terrain, picture the wind, the rain or question yourself of any elements that may affect the environment you are making.

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  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.



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