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Individual MeshesPacksTerrainLandscape 

*Please note* These meshes have only been tested with the UDK-2013-07 version only. Versions below this or "possibly" above this may not display the meshes correctly. Please e-mail us if there are any other issues so we can fix them ASAP. Currently all files are "UPK files."

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Eucalyptus Materials 

Palm Materials

Broadleaf Materials 

Conifer Materials

  DOWNLOAD (15.8mb)

 DOWNLOAD  (16.2mb)

 DOWNLOAD (18.2mb)

DOWNLOAD (21.9mb)

Eucalyptus tree

Eucalyptus tree 2

Eucalyptus tree 3

Eucalyptus tree  4

Eucalyptus tree dead

  DOWNLOAD (845kb)

 DOWNLOAD  (1.15mb)

 DOWNLOAD (2.79mb)

DOWNLOAD (3.56mb)

DOWNLOAD (554kb)

Split Palm

Split Palm 2

Palm tree

Palm tree 2

Palm tree 3

  DOWNLOAD (420kb)

 DOWNLOAD  (401kb)

 DOWNLOAD (306kb)

DOWNLOAD (278kb)

DOWNLOAD (303kb)

Short Palm

Short Palm 2

Palm stump

Short Palm 3 

Wind damaged Short Palm 4

  DOWNLOAD (99.8kb)

 DOWNLOAD  (99.8kb)

 DOWNLOAD (37.6kb)

DOWNLOAD (592kb)

DOWNLOAD (210kb)

Conifer Tall

Conifer Tall 2

Conifer Tall 3

Conifer Tall 4

Conifer Short 1

  DOWNLOAD (972kb)

 DOWNLOAD  (978kb)

 DOWNLOAD (1.20mb)

DOWNLOAD (986kb)

DOWNLOAD (415kb)

Conifer Tall dead

Conifer Tall 2 dead

Conifer Tall 3 dead

Conifer Tall 4 dead

Conifer Tall 5 dead

  DOWNLOAD (770kb)

 DOWNLOAD  (694kb)

 DOWNLOAD (240kb)

DOWNLOAD (269kb)

DOWNLOAD (94.1kb)


Broadleaf  2

Broadleaf  3

Broadleaf  4

Broadleaf  Short

  DOWNLOAD (744kb)

 DOWNLOAD  (526kb)

 DOWNLOAD (595kb)

DOWNLOAD (856kb)

DOWNLOAD (930kb)

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  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.



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