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*Please note* These meshes have only been tested with the UDK-2013-07 version only. Versions below this or "possibly" above this may not display the meshes correctly. Please e-mail us if there are any other issues so we can fix them ASAP. Currently all files are "UPK files."

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Plain Trident 

Shiny new chain links

Air duct cap 

Air duct cap with bars

High-rise building

 DOWNLOAD (490kb)

 DOWNLOAD  (1.36mb)

 DOWNLOAD (78kb)

DOWNLOAD (148kb)

DOWNLOAD (7.37mb)

Background prop 4

Chimney prop1

Background prop 5

Chimney prop2 

Dog House

  DOWNLOAD (128kb)

 DOWNLOAD (123kb)

DOWNLOAD (390kb)

DOWNLOAD (118kb)

 DOWNLOAD (99kb)

Plain wooden frame

Wooden frame shutter

Open security roller window

Background prop 2 

Air duct plus

  DOWNLOAD (35kb)

 DOWNLOAD (29kb)


DOWNLOAD (391kb)

DOWNLOAD (920kb)

Background prop 3 

 Water Tower


Concrete besser brick 

Walk plank/ Scaffold 

DOWNLOAD (431kb)

 DOWNLOAD (785kb)





Weather/ damaged pallet  

Prop cracked glass window with security roller

Prop old window with security roller 

Prop loading bay with roller door

  DOWNLOAD (252kb) 

DOWNLOAD (349kb) 


DOWNLOAD (234kb)

DOWNLOAD (256kb)

Background prop

Prop window with security roller  

Air duct T

Air duct

Air duct small

 DOWNLOAD (541kb)  

DOWNLOAD (41kb) 

DOWNLOAD (595kb)

DOWNLOAD (304kb)

DOWNLOAD (234kb)

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  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.



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