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  Where do I purchase a copy of DASM Spell Quest?


                     LATEST NEWS       

  We have left early access in STEAM!

 Multiplayer for DASM Spell Quest?

 Fix for windows 10 DASM Spell Quest save files.

 Our new patch has been successful.

 Expansion for World of DASM, DASM Spell Quest is now ready!

 DASM Spell Quest successfully released on STEAM.

 World of DASM Press list.

 Changes made to DASM Spell Quest v1.4.

 Expansion for DASM Spell Quest Sneak Peek.

 Patches, Updates and changes for DASM Spell Quest-STEAM Version


We have left early access in STEAM.

Hello people! How are you doing?

It has been over 2 years since our trial release of DASM Spell Quest and today we have moved from early access in STEAM. We have not received any major complaints about any bugs or issues and we are celebrating our 2nd birthday and full release with 40% off for the next week!

Though, if you are having any issues at all please contact us so we can get our team to try and fix any problems that arise. You can either message us in our community forum on STEAM or contact us directly at contact@worldofdasm.com

We would also like to state that depending on the sales of this product and overall interest of the consumer, there is a possibility that other modifications/expansions may be released in the future.

Once again, thanks to everyone who emailed us and provided us with valuable feedback.


Have a Great Day!



Fix for windows 10 DASM Spell Quest save files.

Hello people! I have received an e-mail from a good friend called Mr Nikolov and he has provided me with a fix for anyone who installs DASM Spell Quest and the save files won't or don't work.

Here is how it goes:

Windows 10 users by default have on the system Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or 4.5 and up. But for the save system to work, windows 10 users will have to install, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and possibly after that install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 service pack 1 and the save system will work once more!!

If you are still having some issues after installing these programs please provide us with any information possible to help resolve any issues you may be having. Below we have provided some links that may help you resolve any issues.

Microsoft.NET 3.5 Windows 10 help files.




YouTube. Installing Microsoft.NET 3.5 on Windows 10


Microsoft.NET 3.5 official download links:




How do I purchase a copy of DASM Spell Quest?

Hello happy campers! Never seen STEAM? Don't have an account? Here is a guide on how to purchase a copy of DASM Spell Quest. Just simply follow the step by step guide below.

Why do I need a Steam Account?

Steam is the most reliable way of selling software and allows developers to add any updates or fixes that may arise after purchasing the software. For example you find something wrong with the software and the developers are aware of it they can "patch" the software and repair any issues as they arise. Once this is done the software is automatically updated for your convenience. Another positive is that Steam doors never close so if you want to purchase software at 2:00am in the morning you can. It also allows buyers to openly comment about the software (within reason) and directly contact developers of any issues that may arise. That is why a Steam account is required while purchasing DASM Spell Quest.

  • Follow this guide: How do I create a STEAM account?

  • You will need to create a STEAM account. CLICK HERE to fill out a STEAM membership form. (Note*- STEAM accounts are free!)

  • If you have not yet logged into your STEAM account, do it by running the STEAM icon and add your username and password.

  • Once STEAM has loaded and you are logged in, click in the text box on the right which says; "search the store". Type in DASM Spell Quest and click the magnifying glass or press enter.

  • Click on the DASM Spell Quest icon that has loaded with your search.

  • Once the DASM Spell Quest page has loaded, look down (scroll down) the page until you see "Buy DASM Spell Quest" and click "Add to Cart".

  • Click 'Purchase for myself"

  • Choose your method of payment. This can be via Paypal or a credit card. If you do not have either you can go to an EB Games store and purchase a Redeem a Steam Wallet Code card. (Note*-Currency will be converted to US dollar.)

  • Once you have paid, check the details you have added and click "Purchase" once you are satisfied. An email will be sent to your account to confirm your purchase and DASM Spell Quest will start to download in your games "Library". (Click the "LIBRARY" text which is located inbetween "STORE" and "COMMUNITY" if you cannot see it!)

  • Once the software has completely downloaded DASM Spell Quest is ready to play! Double click the DASM Spell Quest icon, read and agree with the terms and conditions and your ready to go!


New patch has been successful.

Hello people! Our latest patch for DASM Spell Quest has been a huge success and our next mission now is to create our Mathematics software. This will be a huge task and may not be released until next year 2019.

We thank all the people who have purchased our software which has been a huge help for us to continue our legacy.



Expansion for World of DASM, DASM Spell Quest is now ready!

Yes finally, the long awaited expansion is here! Check out the details HERE or visit our official STEAM site HERE.


DASM Spell Quest successfully released on STEAM.

Yes it is true our STEAM store page is now up! We have been really happy with the response from the general public and hope to be introducing our software to schools soon. We want to thank everyone who emailed us and reported any bugs that they encountered.

Anyhow, like most STEAM games DASM Spell Quest has:

  • 60+ Achievements

  • 9 Trading cards

  • 6 Badges

  • 7 Backgrounds

  • 10 Emoticons

A special thank you to "savagebunny" (Valve employee)

Before I go I would like to thank savagebunny from Valve for their friendly advice on the work that I provided within STEAMWORKS.



DASM Press list.

Hello people! As promised to the Media, Youtubers, STEAM community and Twitch accounts here is our press release list:

Some videos and comments have been released already and others are still being made. We have seen a few reviews already here at DASM HQ and we thank the organisations and people for their publicity.



Changes made to DASM Spell Quest V1.4.

Hello people! How are you all going?

Finally we have released our product DASM Spell Quest on STEAM. Anyone who has played version 1.3 of DASM Spell Quest (Available from Ausgamers), needs to check out the latest changes made to version 1.4.

 List of changes since the v1.3 demonstration release:
(1) More interaction/ action in all levels.
(2) New obstacles and monsters added.
(3) Many, many, many Kismet bug fixes. (Too many to list!)
(4) Normal and Hard settings added to world missions.
(5) Some traps added in the world missions if Hard is selected.
(6) Level streaming to fix poor performance in some levels.
(7) Birds eye view map added to DASM city for guidance.
(8) New key bindings and settings.
(9) Extra ambience sounds added.
(10) New trees and objects added.
(11) New buildings added in some levels.
(12) Heads up displays fixed in Instant Action maps.
(13) Secret Ghost Train ride extended.
(14) Extra vehicles added on some maps.
(15) More robots, birds and other DASM workers added.
(16) Fountain in Training Grounds fixed.
(17) Collisions fixed in some maps.
(18) Mine cart ride won’t throw you off anymore.
(19) Hidden boat ride added.
(20) 2 properties that can be purchased with Spelling tokens.
(21) New graphics added to menu and loading screens.
(22) Various tests for Windows 7 and Windows 8. (Not tested on 10.)

 New STEAM features:
(1) 31 Steam Achievements.
(2) 9 Trading cards.
(3) 10 Emoticons.
(4) 3 Common backgrounds, 1 uncommon and 1 rare.


Another thanks goes to "Jay Wilbur" in the license department for the UDK editor who also was extremely helpful and had good advice and speedy replies. This gentleman is an incredible asset to Epic.


  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.



Comments on this site to: feedback@worldofdasm.com

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