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  Where do I purchase a copy of DASM Spell Quest?

                     LATEST NEWS       

  We have left early access in STEAM!

  New Project IBT Survival Island?

 Goodbye UDK3 and hello UE4.

 Are DASM cooking videos coming back on YouTube?

 Gumeracha Medieval Fair 2019, Fun in the Adelaide Hills.

 Brother visited the Supanova in Adelaide.

 Thank You Gus for your soundtracks.

 YouTube cooking show has now started.

 Over and Under, Near and Far, There and Their now available.

 Thanks AUSGAMERS Australia!


We have left early access in STEAM.

Hello people! How are you doing?

It has been over 2 years since our trial release of DASM Spell Quest and today we have moved from early access in STEAM. We have not received any major complaints about any bugs or issues and we are celebrating our 2nd birthday and full release with 40% off for the next week!

Though, if you are having any issues at all please contact us so we can get our team to try and fix any problems that arise. You can either message us in our community forum on STEAM or contact us directly at contact@worldofdasm.com

We would also like to state that depending on the sales of this product and overall interest of the consumer, there is a possibility that other modifications/expansions may be released in the future.

Once again, thanks to everyone who emailed us and provided us with valuable feedback.


Have a Great Day!



IBT Survival Island?

Hello, how are you? Us staff here at DASM HQ are happy to announce our new project "IBT Survival Island". (Interactive Battle Tournament Survival Island.) We are still currently in early stages but compared to DASM Spell Quest this project is massive and may or will be full of hidden surprises. Some major companies around Australia have been asked for permission to add some of their products in the survival game and have already expressed some interest.

What is IBT Survival Island?

IBT Survival Island is a new project involving survival on an isolated island near the Australian Coast. You don't know how you got there but you need to find water, food and build shelter. Once this is done you will have to wait for someone to rescue you or find your own way off the island but either way you must survive all the elements that Australia has to offer.

How is this a survival game and why is it unique to others?

In IBT Survival Island there are no zombies, no monsters and nobody to help you. The food you find is 100% Australian bush tucker but sometimes other items can be found or washed ashore. The game uses hunger, thirst, mental health, biohazards, stamina, your current health status and yes, trips to the toilet. There is day and night cycles plus hot and cold climates.

Is this game Educational?

Yes, it involves collecting food, making fresh water and understanding the Australian terrain. There is a lot of "reading" and each item is explained in detail. For example the image below explains what item you have picked up in your inventory and some details about it. (Note* The inventory system and items/descriptions will or may change as it develops.)

Once you have collected a variety of items you can craft tools and other various things to help you to survive. Some items cannot be crafted until they are unlocked. Unlocking these items are earned over time as you gain experience.

In the image below is a small selection of items you can create or found while exploring. Staying in the one place and not exploring will definitely be certain doom for the player.

Building your shelter is important. Currently we have a basic building system that allows you to collect objects like sticks, rocks, branches or even craft planks of wood to create solid shelters. Below is an example of what you can current craft with the right ingredients.

Is the game violent?

Like most of our software we try to not have anything that is violent or promote violence. Unfortunately with IBT Survival Island if you don't drink or eat there are consequences. But violence that involves guns or shooting other people or beings is not in this game nor are we even interested in adding this. Hunting animals with a spear or using traps to find food is the only violence in this software. World of DASM software will never agree with creating products that promote unnecessary violence.

Will I need an account to "trial" this software?

No. We will actually allow people to download early versions of this software for free. Depending on the traffic we may even ask a third party to host for us. But for now we plan on having a direct link from this website. At the moment no date has been set to begin trials since we are still at an early stage.

Will I need a STEAM accounts?

Naturally, when the time comes sales will be through STEAM if approved. STEAM is the best way of selling a product since it never closes and is a reliable third party. The only downfall with STEAM is you have to have an account with them but don't worry its free. The positives are if there is an update it will automatically update your game and give you any changes that are made. If you have a STEAM account and a Steemit account you may get extra options with the software.

What is Steemit, do I need an account?

Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media website, which rewards its users with the "cryptocurrency".  Currently we are attempting to use our software in conjunction with Steemit accounts. For now we cannot fully validate that this will be possible but a lot of time and effort is being researched into this "possibility" right now. Don't panic if you don't have a Steemit account because it will be like all our other projects where STEAM will be your primary and main account.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions please contact us at: contact@worldfdasm.com

Are you an Australian company?

If your a company and are interested in adding your product in the IBT Survival Island software please contact us at: info@worldofdasm.com This would be free of charge and a great way of advertising your product. If your not sure just tell us about your product and we will quickly research it. Once your product is created in 3D as a static mesh we will send it to you so you will see what it looks like and have your approval before we add it to the software.

(Note* Products should be 100% Australian. Items like; Glass jars, plastic containers, glass, glue, wood, metal, cloth etc are our primary interest. Anything that can hold water or be used for survival would be acceptable also.)

No products added in this software will face devalue, be used as malice nor belittlement.


Goodbye UDK3 and hello UE4. (A new beginning.)

Unfortunately UDK3 is no longer supported by Epic Games therefore DASM Spell Quest and some of our other software will cease further development "for now". Don't worry though because if any issues arise we will fix them as long as they are reported to us via STEAM or our email account. The main downfall of changing software is that we have to learn a whole new editor but as far as we can tell UE4 is quite a powerful game editor and provides plenty of tutorials if we get stuck. We really were quite happy with the UDK editor but since the support has stopped it doesn't work well with windows 10 and other changes that are happening with operating systems.

So farewell UDK and hello UE4.


How do I purchase a copy of DASM Spell Quest?

Hello happy campers! Never seen STEAM? Don't have an account? Here is a guide on how to purchase a copy of DASM Spell Quest. Just simply follow the step by step guide below.

Why do I need a Steam Account?

Steam is the most reliable way of selling software and allows developers to add any updates or fixes that may arise after purchasing the software. For example you find something wrong with the software and the developers are aware of it they can "patch" the software and repair any issues as they arise. Once this is done the software is automatically updated for your convenience. Another positive is that Steam doors never close so if you want to purchase software at 2:00am in the morning you can. It also allows buyers to openly comment about the software (within reason) and directly contact developers of any issues that may arise. That is why a Steam account is required while purchasing DASM Spell Quest.

  • Follow this guide: How do I create a STEAM account?

  • You will need to create a STEAM account. CLICK HERE to fill out a STEAM membership form. (Note*- STEAM accounts are free!)

  • If you have not yet logged into your STEAM account, do it by running the STEAM icon and add your username and password.

  • Once STEAM has loaded and you are logged in, click in the text box on the right which says; "search the store". Type in DASM Spell Quest and click the magnifying glass or press enter.

  • Click on the DASM Spell Quest icon that has loaded with your search.

  • Once the DASM Spell Quest page has loaded, look down (scroll down) the page until you see "Buy DASM Spell Quest" and click "Add to Cart".

  • Click 'Purchase for myself"

  • Choose your method of payment. This can be via Paypal or a credit card. If you do not have either you can go to an EB Games store and purchase a Redeem a Steam Wallet Code card. (Note*-Currency will be converted to US dollar.)

  • Once you have paid, check the details you have added and click "Purchase" once you are satisfied. An email will be sent to your account to confirm your purchase and DASM Spell Quest will start to download in your games "Library". (Click the "LIBRARY" text which is located inbetween "STORE" and "COMMUNITY" if you cannot see it!)

  • Once the software has completely downloaded DASM Spell Quest is ready to play! Double click the DASM Spell Quest icon, read and agree with the terms and conditions and your ready to go!



 Brother visited Supanova in Adelaide.

Hello everyone!

The Supanova in Adelaide was a great success and we thank the youtuber who filmed Brother at the event.

We hope that everyone had a good time and we look forward to next years event.



Thank You Gus for your soundtracks.

A Special thank you!

Thank you Gus Evans for playing your harmonica and supplying us with soundtracks for our upcoming World of DASM projects.

It was just pure coincidence we happened to be walking past your room while you were playing. At the time we were even discussing our next project and the instruments we needed for it exactly when we heard you playing!

Your enthusiasm was incredible and we are extremely grateful to you for providing us with what we needed.

  Thanks Gus!


YouTube cooking show has now started.

Hello people! We have a really busy month here at DASM HQ.

  We have started the new cooking show so check it out here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4SnAqZ6s6M (Bread & Jam pudding with custard)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLpVbet8PmY (Fried Rice)

Some sounds that were used came from: http://soundbible.com/

Special thanks to all those involved with creating the sounds and music:

Mike Koenig

Daniel Simon


Gumeracha Medieval Fair, Fun in the Adelaide Hills!

Hi people! The Gumeracha Medieval fair for 2019 was another successful event. Special thanks to all who were involved and we are looking forward to being part of the 2020 show!

For any general questions and enquiries (including weapons policy and other business) email: gum.med.fair.info@gmail.com

Shane HIllier.


Over and Under, Near and Far, There and Their now available.

Yippee OUNFTT is now available for download! FREE! We had a few problems here and there but we did get there eventually. This is a full version software package also and can be used at schools and other learning facilities free of charge. Even if students or users have no difficulties in these subjects it is still a good non violent game to play and is especially best used if students or users have free time in a lesson. Can be played and has been tested on Windows XP with service pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. We decided to keep windows XP even though it is outdated because we don't want to leave anybody behind who may still have an old PC and modern times seem to forget these people. Click the link below to download OUNFTT. If you like the game give us a thumbs up in Facebook or follow us on Google for upcoming cooking videos.


Choose your fate!

Practice each topic.

Play the game and see if you can win!


Thanks Ausgamers!!

Yes!!!... Thank you Ausgamers for hosting for us yet again!!

Click HERE to go to our official page and view our latest demo with cheats and hints or click HERE to go directly to Ausgamers.

With the new DASM Spell Quest v1.3 demo you will be able to:

  • Save your game. (ABC World maps, Training Grounds map, Movement map.)

  • Save your items. (All maps)

  • View your statistics.

  • See what maps you have played.

  • See what maps have had all items collected.

New features:

  • Collect clothing from levels (ABC World maps saves clothing collected, Instant Action maps collect only for fun.)

  • New random mission added to ABC World levels.

  • Robots and birds added to ABC Worlds.

  • Robots and birds added to hard levels.  (Instant Action maps.)

  • Zoom around the map from a birds eye view when you find eyeglasses.

  • Some various options and shortcut keys added.

Please note this is a demo only and not all maps will be included and even some content has been removed. Any maps that are in the demo are no different from the full version and have full game playability. This will be the final demo release also. From here will no longer be taking any more input nor changes. The full version is now being debugged and ready for sale or even lease soon.


DASM Spell Quest's new Main Menu.

Can't remember what maps you played? Not any more!

Use our new save system available in the new Demo!


DASM series too hard for users then here are some other links for other special needs software: 

Laureate Special needs software Especial Needs

Special Needs Software

Mayer-Johnson Cricksoft Efofex
BloomingKids Spectronics  Shiny Learning

Do you sell or have demo software for special needs? You can place your link to our site by Contacting Us. Free of charge! DASM is also a central hub for special needs sites! Yes, we are here to help you and the people who need it!


Another thanks goes to "Jay Wilbur" in the license department for the UDK editor who also was extremely helpful and had good advice and speedy replies. This gentleman is an incredible asset to Epic.


  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.



Comments on this site to: feedback@worldofdasm.com

Date Modified: 15/10/2019

World of DASM, and the DASM series, created by Shane Hillier


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