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 Over, Under, Near, Far, Their and There Full Version (Alpha Only)


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NOTE: Currently, this software will require users to install the save files manually if they wish to use the score system in this software package. The software is fully functional and playable without these files but will not display their score before exiting.

This demo helps to assist students/ users who have difficulties in identifying over and under situations, what is near and what is far and the always confusing their and there. This is a full version software package and is 100% free. Students can get really frustrated when learning these subjects and are also frustrated when they have to learn the same thing over and over. But guess what??? This software is RANDOM and no map will be the same next time around. Practice first and then play the game. This is our gift to the public to further prove we are here to help. Please email us if you encounter any issues or even have some ideas.
DOWNLOAD: OverUnderNearFarThereandTheir v1.0   Hosted by:
DOWNLOAD: OverunderNearFarThereandTheir v1.0 save files. Unzip file and open the folders until you locate the README.txt  file on how to install save files.
VIEW MANUAL:View our online Manual WITH HINTS AND TIPS!!





There and Their practice map .

Character on rare occasion wont return to start.

                  There and Their map.

                                  Character sound sometimes silent.

Please report bugs to: feedback@worldofdasm.com


  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.


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