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 DASM Spell Quest Demo v1.3 and STEAM version V1.4


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Finally!!!....Here is the long awaited DASM Spell Quest v1.3. This will be the final demo before the full release so there will be no more changes or extra additions. This demo will be released as an alpha build due to the huge amount of changes that the game has had. Some bugs have been reported during testing and they are listed below. The manual for the game should be included with the download or click HERE to view our online version of the manual. The online  manual will be updated as changes are made.
DOWNLOAD: DASM Spell Quest_v1.3 

DOWNLOAD: STEAM DASM Spell Quest (link coming soon.)

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VIEW STEAM MANUAL v1.4: Full Version STEAM only.    
VIEW DEMO MANUAL v1.3: Demo version Ausgamers.
VIEW HINTS AND CHEAT: Check our cheats or hints.

Don't know what DASM Spell Quest is? Never heard of it? Click one of these links below to view in game video at youtube.




Full version of Spell Quest (Please vote on Steam)



Free time section of DASM Spell Quest



Postcard introduction to DASM



Independent game review by Browntown Bashers





Here are some bugs already found or reported in the new demo version 1.3 during game play and testing.



Training map Instant Action.

A cube showing location of the Brother token does not disappear when you collect it on hard. (Minor issue)

Manual that comes with the game.

A spelling error was found in the manual. The word "Rumor" instead of the word "Rumour" was found. (Ooops!)

Options menu in Demo.

Game not a full screen on some square LCD monitors. Refer to manual, DASM Spell Quest full screen issues.

Instant Action Maps

Doll stars do not display with doll but work later. (Delayed.)

Training Grounds fountain.

You can jump into the fountain but you cannot jump out and the "Personal Teleporter" is offline on this map.

Please report bugs to: feedback@worldofdasm.com


Votes for DASM Spell Quest "Please Help!!"

Hello DASM fans and new visitors! DASM Spell Quest has been listed in STEAM Greenlight for a little while and still needs votes before it can be released. We would like to sell our product through STEAM because they run 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will update any files automatically.

The full version of DASM Spell Quest unfortunately is not free due to the fact that we are a self funded group and 99% of what we release will not cost you a cent anyway. We do have overhead costs and they need to be covered and giving all our stuff away is getting very expensive but we will continue to provide people with software that you cannot find on the market for as long as we can.

So please vote and help support us!! Click HERE for your support. Don't have a STEAM account?  It's really easy to sign up and it's free!

Don't know how to sign up? Click HERE for some help.


  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.


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