UDK3 Editor is no longer supported. IMPORTANT NOTICE

DASM Spell Quest Multiplayer?

18th February 2018 patch

25th June 2017 patch

Free DASM Expansion "Outskirts"

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UDK 3 is no longer supported.

Unfortunately UDK3 is no longer supported by EPIC Games and we have currently stopped any further development on DASM Spell Quest. Since DASM Spell Quest uses the UDK editor after some tough decisions we have decided to move on. DASM Spell Quest is complete and playable and we will still fix any bugs if they are reported. If you have found a bug or encountered an issue Email us directly here or contact us via our official STEAM store page. Though, if there is enough interest in the future we may create a DASM Spell Quest 2. Currently we are developing a "Survival Game" and all our resources are currently assigned to this new project.



DASM Spell Quest Multiplayer?

Hello people how are we today? Now rumor has it that DASM Spell Quest may become multiplayer? Well yes, and no. The secret is we are actually currently "trying" to make the game multiplayer but we are having some difficulties. (Nobody who has worked or is working on this project is a computer programmer. Everything is self taught!)

Over time we received some emails from teachers and parents who said it would be easier for them to play with their child/student as a second character in the game. Unfortunately, if we cannot overcome these difficulties there is a chance we will move away from the UDK engine and move to the UE 4 engine and create DASM Spell Quest "2" which has easier multiplayer setup and detailed tutorials on how the UE 4 engine works.

Now, the fact is if we do manage to make DASM Spell Quest multiplayer it will only be 2 player co-op LAN. Also the only part of the game that will be co-op will be the instant action maps. The campaign map itself will probably remain single player.

Stay tuned for more updates as we try (attempt) to add this new feature to our game!


Latest Patch and Free Expansion,”DASM Outskirts” has been released!



Hello people how are you?

Since we are moving a little closer to releasing our free expansion "DASM Outskirts" for DASM Spell Quest we thought it would be good to give you a little sneak preview on what the expansion will look like and what it has to offer. The expansion was created because once DASM Spell Quest is completed there is a chance that you will still have some Spelling tokens left over.

The expansion will will contain:
1. A Caravan park where you can purchase and own various types of caravans.
2. A huge shopping mall where you can purchase items from.
3. Secret areas to find and explore.
4. A motel with a room that you can purchase and add furniture to.


We want to thank all the people who email us frequently at our website and provided us with feedback. If you have anything to say at all please email us directly at You can even add a suggestion here in our community forums discussion called “Add any suggestions here please.” (*Note* You must have a STEAM account to be able to comment.)
All suggestions and feedback are viewed, considered, and greatly appreciated.
Thank you and have a good day!


Latest patch is now out!

18th February 2018

Hello people! We have uploaded the new patch and we hope this fixes any errors that have been reported. We have created the patch also so it keeps any previous save files that you may have. (This was a real headache!)

If you are having any difficulties please Email us at

Here is the list of fixes.

  • The World of DASM, DASM Spell Quest exe sometimes shows as a possible virus but isn't.

  • Every time you run the World of DASM, DASM Spell Quest exe you have to agree with the license agreement.

  • Shadow on post in the Introduction screen was incorrect.

  • Introduction screen hands still show after character has teleported.

  • World of DASM city Aunty May missions, a spare bridge mesh is near the entrance of the DASM city.

  • Aunty May missions, lighting needs to be rebuilt error.

  • Helgas Town Hall missions, lighting needs to be rebuilt error.

  • Goblins place missions, lighting needs to be rebuilt error.

  • ABC Map Moonbase, black squares can be seen in the sky instead of space.

    Please contact us know if you find any other issues. We will be constantly checking STEAM for any messages for the next 48 hours to make sure the patch has transitioned successfully.

    You can post within STEAM also if you do not wish to Email us:

Latest patch is now out!