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Legal Advice when using UDK.


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There are so many legal requirements these days and you are expected to be like a lawyer to understand them. I will try to describe it as basic as possible how to avoid problems. The best way to avoid most problems is to "Purchase any editing software your using.", (You know what I am saying!), and e-mail when in doubt. This will save a lot of trouble and some companies may even assist you in some way. Also if you think your going to stick with UDK, get the licence which is roughly $100 or something close to that. This will protect you to a certain degree if something does come up but not entirely depending on what you may be in trouble for.


Be careful with your resources and where you get them!

When it comes to textures, sounds and other resources use all the UDK resources that you can. (Except for the Skeletal Meshes.) This covers you from any copyright issues. Copyright problems can happen if you download textures, sounds, other peoples texts, sayings etc, from other sites. Even legal action can be used against you also so be very careful. The good news is there are many sites out there who do give stuff away for free but read any terms and conditions they have first. Some terms are as simple as saying "Picture/s taken by......." or "Texture/s were downloaded from www......"

HINT: When you visit a site, make a copy of any credits, even legal agreements, website links and paste them on a text program like notepad so you can refer to that file instead of having to look everything up again when you project is completed.

How can I get around these issues?

  • Only use the resources that came with UDK,...minus the Skeletal Meshes.

  • Buy a digital camera and make your own textures, even a second hand camera will do. All you have to do is plug the camera into your PC and copy the images over then edit them. Scan some pictures with a scanner, even just create your own unique textures using "MS Paint". (I'm not joking.)

  • Buy a cheap headset or microphone and use this audio program to make sounds. (It is free to try but costs $15.00 to buy which is reasonable so help support them .) http://www.milosoftware.com/

  • Make everything yourself with "licensed" 3rd party software. (Skeletal meshes, tree meshes etc.)


Your game and UDK licensing, when do I do it?

"When is the best time to register or license your product?"

Below is a checklist. Use this checklist "first" to see if you are ready to license your product. If you cannot tick any topic off, you are not ready to get a license or don't even need one.


  • Are you going to sell, share your product for a commission or make some type of income?

  • Are you nearly finished? (Not just starting or half way through.)

  • Have you tested your product? (Not a 5 minute test either, months, days, hours of testing.)

  • Have you tested it on various Pc's, Multiple Operating Systems? etc..

  • Was your product made just for personal fun?,...really? Or you feel it's for the general public?

  • Will the general public like your product or just you? (Think about it...)

  • Is there anything offensive?. Based on images, game play, speech, religion, (Be very careful!)

  • All your images, sounds, meshes are owned either by you or by the public? (GPL) (View license.)

  • The software you used for your project was registered and "legal."?

  • Your credits, links, sites and thanks go to the correct people who really do deserve it?

  • Have you found a possible seller, buyer?

  • Have you got a plan to advertise your product when completed?

  • Can you afford all the licenses and legal software purchases?

  • Are you Mentally and Physically ready? ( Radio, Television, Media, Promotions etc..)

FINAL STEP ARE YOU READY FOR THE APPROX $99-$117 fee? ($$$ amount depends on what country your in $$$.)

(Do not use these link for general enquires.)

What do I say to UDK?

Explain to them as "briefly as possible" what you are doing. If all goes to plan you will fill out a form with your details and payment methods. Read any e-mails from them very carefully and follow their instructions. Be aware they can even deny your project so if you are going to try and purchase a license make sure your project is "Socially acceptable" or even "Earthly acceptable" and "Religiously acceptable." If your project is crude, rude, or even too bad to explain....you more than likely won't get your license. Think about it...


It is becoming increasingly hard to contact Epic. This was the last know e-mail that I had contact with before I started asking too many questions. So be straight, don't ask too many questions like I did, and don't waste their time. Do not e-mail this address just for general enquires, please e-mail when you are only ready to distribute or sell your project.

Epic no longer supports Unreal Engine 3 questions or enquires either.

Please e-mail me if this link does not work and I will try to sort it out....thanks!

Do not e-mail me for UDK licensing enquiries because all I know is on this webpage!


Use my meshes but...

  • Some meshes "do", "may", or "will" contain glitches. Use them at your own risk, but they are free.

  • Any meshes on this site, are free to download, and was created by using the UDK-2013-07 editor.

  • This means that the textures used, really belong to Epic Games and the UDK editor software.

  • This means that they are entitled to a Royalty Fee if you make money from these meshes or UDK software created games. Otherwise, there is no costs or charges at all for using anything here. (Ok?, all free!)

  • At least add my website link to your project or a thanks...

  • The free meshes within the tutorial site made available to you, free to download, are not in any World of DASM series© and are completely for public use for personal or commercial projects.

  • While using my meshes if you find something really wrong, please e-mail me.

  • If you made a school project, I hope you didn't use my meshes to cheat! (I know who you are!)

  • UDK nor Epic, does not support or endorse any product that is here free to download.


SpeedTrees and their terms within your products, games...

  • You can use SpeedTree trees with the UDK editor. (In accordance with the rest of the EULA.)

  • This means you can use it freely but cannot legally make an income from it "yet", so enjoy it.

  • This means "if you do make an income" it is actually covered by the Royalty Fee that is paid to Epic.

  • This also means that most textures that came with the speedtrees are owned by Speedtree / Epic.

  • So this means you need to license your product with Epic games before any sales.

  • which also means you cannot use any of these SpeedTrees outside of UDK.


Skeletal Meshes within UDK (UT characters..etc...)

As for "Skeletal meshes" UDK, "Do not use any UDK skeletal meshes in any project or sales!$$" The skeletal meshes within UDK are only a display to guide or show you this topic or section within the UDK editor.

So in plain English, "It is only a display for you to see and part of the DEMO game that comes with UDK." (Unreal Tournament.)These skeletal meshes remain the sole property of Epic Games and cannot be used in any commercial game you wish to sell. Also there is another game DEMO with some animals and a carrot etc.

To avoid this issue, start the UDK editor, click the "Skeletal Meshes" option, and click "ALL ASSETS". Any item that shows in the list cannot be used. For example (UDK 07-13 version):

  • SkeletalMesh'CTF_Flag_IronGuard.Mesh.S_CTF_Flag_IronGuard'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Pickups.SK_Carrot'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Pickups.SK_CarrotJuice'

  • SkeletalMesh'CH_Corrupt_Arms.Mesh.SK_CH_Corrupt_Arms_MaleA_1P'

  • SkeletalMesh'CH_Gibs.Mesh.SK_CH_Gibs_Corrupt_Part01'

  • SkeletalMesh'CH_Gibs.Mesh.SK_CH_Gibs_Corrupt_Part03'

  • SkeletalMesh'CH_Gibs.Mesh.SK_CH_Gibs_Corrupt_Part04'

  • SkeletalMesh'CH_IronGuard_Male.Mesh.SK_CH_IronGuard_MaleA'

  • SkeletalMesh'CH_LIAM_Cathode.Mesh.SK_CH_LIAM_Cathode'

  • SkeletalMesh'UTExampleCrowd.Mesh.SK_Crowd_Robot'

  • SkeletalMesh'GDC_Materials.Meshes.SK_ExportSword2'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Anims.SK_Jazz'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Anims.SK_JazzGun'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Anims.SK_JazzGun_Pickup'

  • SkeletalMesh'E3_Demo.Animated.SK_LongFlag'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Anims.SK_Snake'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Anims.SK_SnakeGib'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Anims.SK_Turtle'

  • SkeletalMesh'KismetGame_Assets.Anims.SK_TurtleBomb_01'

  • SkeletalMesh'VH_Cicada.Mesh.SK_VH_Cicada'

  • SkeletalMesh'VH_Hoverboard.Mesh.SK_VH_Hoverboard'

  • SkeletalMesh'VH_Manta.Mesh.SK_VH_Manta'

  • SkeletalMesh'VH_Scorpion.Mesh.SK_VH_Scorpion_001'

  • SkeletalMesh'WP_LinkGun.Mesh.SK_WP_Linkgun_1P'

  • SkeletalMesh'WP_LinkGun.Mesh.SK_WP_LinkGun_3P'

  • SkeletalMesh'WP_RocketLauncher.Mesh.SK_WP_RocketLauncher_1P'

  • SkeletalMesh'WP_RocketLauncher.Mesh.SK_WP_RocketLauncher_3P'

  • SkeletalMesh'WP_ShockRifle.Mesh.SK_WP_ShockRifle_1P'

  • SkeletalMesh'WP_ShockRifle.Mesh.SK_WP_ShockRifle_3P'

  • SkeletalMesh'FoliageDemo.Animated.SP_Bird1_SKMesh'

(You cannot use these at all but you can practice with them and see how they work.)

Making or importing your own Skeletal meshes is fine and safe to do and there are plenty of tutorials out there on this topic too. I may even start some yet so stay tuned.


I don't want to use the UDK installer Package!

First, if you do not have the UDK commercial $99 license, forget it.

Just put up with their default generic package system. You are using their program for free so realistically...be fair, let them have their logos, agreements etc.. Don't modify anything except your project and your map loading screens. (You don't want Unreal Tournament stuff in your project do you?)

But I do have the UDK commercial license?

Well that's a different story but be aware there should be certain steps to take first just to make sure your project works when being packed by a 3rd party* software program. *(Not UDK software.) There are a few companies out there but most want HUGE amounts of money.$$$$

So your best choice is to google for "Software packaging programs."

Here is one for example only: Inno (Please donate to Inno if you can but it is free. Also click HERE to view an Inno script to help you.)

  • First, pack your project, like normal using Frontend.

  • Second, locate and install the package you created with Frontend. (It's in your UDK directory.)

  • Third, Play and test the project to make sure it does work.

  • Fourth, use your 3rd party software to package your project and follow the packaging instructions for that software system.

The reason why we still pack the game with Frontend first is because it is best to have the scripts checked and search for any possible errors. The 3rd party packaging system will not do this so be aware.

WARNING: Do not modify the starting screen with the Unreal Engine logo, powered by Unreal Engine at the start of your project. This is part of your legal agreement with Epic. If you do not want this you will have to negotiate with EPIC and come up with some sort of payment or personal agreement with them.


Meshes you cannot use.(World of DASM game meshes; Dasm Spell Quest, Mathematics, StreetSmart, etc.)

  • Any Static Meshes used in World of DASM software packages, are ©Copyrighted, and are not allowed to be used in any project nor displayed in any project nor modified in any way. 
  • To use a World of DASM mesh in the first place it has to be manually extracted from the game.
  • Whilst Some meshes from the tutorial site, may resemble or even look similar to certain meshes within the World of DASM software packages, actually do have significant differences and modified textures and were created using a much older version of UDK and do not display correctly with updates of UDK.
  • The reason why you cannot use the textures and some meshes in World of DASM is because they were created by using 3rd party software. (A different program to UDK..) Plus I need to protect myself, I cannot give everything away for free and I hope you can understand this.

Unless you want to donate?..................$$$$.............No?..........(I though so!)


I cannot package external .DLL files with UDK Frontend, why?

I came across this problem myself. After some research I found a few different reasons. The main reason is that the .dll file needs to be certified before it is accepted. If a  a .dll file has been certified it is sort of a guarantee that the .dll file won't contain malicious software and stuff like that. Also it adds information from where the .dll came from and who it is signed/certified to. Plus it costs $$$.

Here were some topics I found but no "free" fixes:

link: EPIC GAME FORUMS Packaging custom external .dll

link: EPIC GAME FORUMS Frontend and custom .dll

And I found this:

link: The Geek Stuff How to Digitally Sign Microsoft Files (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi)

I did e-mail the address in the first forum above and got no reply so don't try it.

How do I get around it?

There are only 2 ways around this.

  1. Manually copy and paste the .dll file/s to where they are supposed to be into your UDK project "after it is installed."
  2. Use Inno as your installer instead of Frontend. (We have a Inno script that can be used HERE.)

EXAMPLE ONLY: I have a .dll file that needs to be copied from my UDK directory to the game I just installed with the missing .dll.

This .dll file is located in my UDK editor. It's called UltimateSaveSystem.dll and it's location is:

C:\UDK\UDK-2012-05\Binaries\Win32\UserCode     COPY THIS FILENAME: UltimateSaveSystem.dll

So after the file is copied from the folder: UserCode you would then paste the file to:

C:\PROJECTS_NAME\Binaries\Win32\UserCode    PASTE THIS FILENAME: UltimateSaveSystem.dll

Then copy any shortcuts to your project on your desktop or programs list and paste them inside your project folder so you can run the game from that icon. (Don't forget to do this because it saves a lot of problems.)

Now from here, if you want to transfer your project especially if it is just for testing, I would just winzip or zip the project folder and copy the zipped file to a disk or external drive. Then "unzip" or extract the project on another Pc or whatever and it will or should work.

From memory I don't think it needs registry files for it to run but you will need to locate the icon you pasted in the project folder to run your project or you will have problems locating the exe to run it.


Questions I am always asked (In most e-mails).

Do you work with Epic Games or have you ever worked for Epic Games? If not, why?

No, I don't work for Epic, but I love their editor and many moons ago I purchased "UNREAL" when it was first released. I don't think I will ever work for Epic because I don't have a quarter of the brains as they do.

Have you ever been in contact with Epic Games?

Yes, and I am licensed with UDK also. (Thanks Jay Wilbur for letting me annoy you. I know I did!...sorry hehe..)

Will you listen to my game idea?

Yes, but you should really keep it to yourself. Learn the UDK editor. Use some of my tutorials, meshes and other sites with tutorials and help. If you try hard enough you will be able to make your own project. The only restriction in the UDK editor is your imagination. I am not joking.

Can you make meshes for me or can I request a tutorial?

Yes! Sometimes I do requests but it depends on what you ask for and if I have the time to do it. You can only ask and see.

There is some textures within some packs, can I use or modify them?

Yes!, anything I gave to you within the tutorial part of my site, separate to my "World of DASM series" is yours to modify and use, absolutely free. Even the 101 tactical ways of eating hotdogs book texture is yours to modify, or learn about textures with and how they work.

Are you still in contact with Epic, can you tell them something for me?

No I cannot. If anything they don't really answer many of my e-mails anymore but I am guessing they have let me go free to cause absolute chaos but are still watching... I had to read a lot of legal documents and do heaps of research just to get this far but Epic is a reasonable company. I am guessing if I step out of line once they will correct me. But at the same time I am getting them potential customers and possible income from helping people develop their projects and or make careers.

I have finished a project, and it has nearly all your meshes in it and I may sell it!

Yes, of course! I am also happy for you and guess what?? I don't want no royalty! But be aware you will have to have some form of license agreement with Epic Games and organise a royalty fee with them. (But I do take donations hehe!...) My biggest reward is making someone happy and successful in life, unfortunately most people want to be paid and give nothing for free.

Where are your forums? Can I make a post?

There are no forums and no posts. I do not have the time to filter any comments or "Internet Trolls", who have nothing better to do than cause trouble and make inappropriate posts. If you want to set up a forum for us, be my guest. (But contact me first please.) If you do well enough and I can see that it is doing well, I may be able to support the forums in some way, just let me know. My site is rated G. And I wish to keep it this way so families can visit and look around.

 (This section of my site is dedicated  to the people at the EPIC license dept to give them a break, sorry I annoyed you so much and this should stop people like me, harassing you with trivial questions. Keep up the good work! )



  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.


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