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How to install Terrain.


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Installing a downloaded terrain

If you have downloaded one of our Terrains from HERE this tutorial explains how to install it. UDK isn't always about adding files and using them as soon as they are installed. Sometimes they need to be tweaked or guided to where its resources are coming from. So I created this tutorial to help guide you. If your Terrain has no textures then you will need to RE-INSTALL UDK with the UT game and materials that come with it. Download the file below because this is in the demo tutorial but any Terrain file will really do.

 DOWNLOAD: 64x64GreenMap.udk

(Only use this step if you don't know where the installation of UDK is.)


Locate where you installed UDK. The default directory is C:\UDK\UDK-2013-07.  This will vary if you have installed UDK elsewhere. To find the directory you can also right click on the UDK icon you use and check it's properties by selecting "properties" by a right mouse button click then a left mouse button click to select it.

Image left is an example only. (Go to Step 2)


(A)_Locate where you saved the terrain file you downloaded. If you don't have a file downloaded yet you can use this one: 64x64green. Once downloaded locate the file 64x64green.UDK and copy or cut the file.

(B)_ Now locate this directory; C:\UDK\UDK-2013-07\UDKGame\Content\Maps. Now, within the folder "Maps", it should have folders like; Examples, Showcases, etc.

(C)_Create a new folder called "Terrain." in this directory. Now paste the 64x64green.UDK file here.


(A)_Open the UDK editor. Select File then click on open. Locate the maps folder if it is not already set in your editor.

(B)_Open the folder "Terrain."( Example only; C:, UDK,  UDK-2013-07, UDKGame, Content, Maps, Terrain.)

(C)_ Select the file 64x64green.

Click open which is normally located near the bottom right to load Terrain.



The map should now load. If not try to go to the top of this tutorial and try again. If the map has an error message then you may be using the wrong version of the editor or the file is corrupted.

All maps have a blocking volume around the perimeter of the map to stop you from falling off.

Some maps have modified fog settings to give the terrain a particular look and feel.

Please feel free to edit this map in any way and contact us if there are any issues with this file.




  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.


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