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Removing Text and Map  name in UDK.


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Removing hint text and map name during loading

This tutorial will remove any generic text or map descriptions during loading screens. There is nothing worse than creating a project that has Unreal Tournament hint text in it. Your project needs to be your own work and unique to what you are creating. So here is a tutorial I have created for you so you can remove these generic settings in UDK.


Don't forget to backup any files you are going to modify...just in case!



Locate the following directory. (This is a default directory, you may have installed UDK else where but this a basic idea.)


Locate this file: "DefaultEngine"



Open this file by double clicking it. Any form of text editor opens this file. (Notepad is ok and is normally generic anyway.)

Locate the topic [Engine.Engine] and find the text line:


Delete this line and select "file" and "save" on the text editor. This part removes the map name, and this part is finished.



Locate this directory:

"C:\UDK\UDK-2013-07\UDKGame\Localization\INT" (Keeping in mind this is the default directory, yours may vary.)

Double click to open the file "UTGameUI " or open it with your text editor if it did not open correctly. For Example: If file is unidentified, right click the file and select "open with", and select any text editor within a list your pc provides you. Notepad is perfectly fine yet again to use for this file.


Look through the text and find text lines like: Hint_Count= 3 (last digit may vary so this is an example.)

Or you can go to "edit" and select "find" and copy and paste this text here Hint_Count= in the text editor search engine.

Set all Hint_Count= text lines to 0  (Eg: Hint_Count= 0)

Select "file" and "save" on the text editor once all these lines have been found. (There are around three to edit, maybe 4 at the most.)

Close all text editors.

Run UDK and test. All map names and tips should be gone between loading screens. Enjoy!


Don't change any text that has the word "Hint" unless it matches the above text. Changing too many text lines can cause problems or even confusion.

For example: The text "Hint_14=" does not have to be modified.

Please e-mail me if this does not work: contact@worldofdasm.com



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