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 DASM Mathematics Demo V1.0 (Alpha Only.)


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DASM represents, Division, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. It is an interactive game which allows users to feel that they are actually in the game itself. There is no role playing because you are the character trapped in the World of DASM. Try to solve puzzles involving mathematics while looking for secrets and other hidden goodies. Yes this does look like a video game but many hours, days, months, years of work have gone into developing this software.
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Don't know what DASM Mathematics is? Never heard of it? Click this link below to view independent game critic Browntown Bashers in game video at youtube.




Game review by Browntown Bashers





Here are some bugs already found or reported in the demo version 1.0 during game play and testing.



Music restarts and gets a little "repetitive."

Music restarts when you tell it to stop. (Minor issue)

You have to press "M" twice for menu.

You have to press "M" twice sometimes to access main menu. (Will be fixed in next version.)

Please report bugs to: feedback@worldofdasm.com


  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.


Comments on this site to: feedback@worldofdasm.com

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