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Fog DEMO. (Supports UDK3 2013 & 2015)


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Fog DEMO Map

Ever wanted to have a map where the fog changes at certain times of the day? Well here it is! There are 3 settings in this map which are, Clear day, Slight fog and Pea soup. Click the Download that supports the UDK version you are using.

STEP ONE DOWNLOAD: FogMap2013.zip  (2013version)            

STEP ONE DOWNLOAD: FogMap2015.zip  (2015version)


Unzip the file you downloaded above. Locate the directory:


(Example only directory above. "*"=version of UDK installed.) Drag or copy the files mentioned above "unzipped" in the "Maps" folder. You need to locate this folder when you start UDK so remember where you put these files.


Select and load the map you downloaded for the version of UDK you have installed and select "Play" on the top menu within the UDK editor and select "On PC".

By Pressing the key "V" on your keyboard you can change the fog settings by simply using an Unreal Kismet Matinee that raises and subdues the level of the fog. Simple! If the fog is not thick enough you can change the settings in the exponential hight fog by right clicking on the fog icon and select "ExponentialHightFog properties", Expand this options by clicking the triangle on the left and change the "Fog Density" to a larger number. Have fun!!!



  All software packages created was used by the power of the Unreal Development Kit.

  In game loading screens created by using BINK VIDEO.


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